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How to Do Card Tricks

Learning how to do card tricks is very rewarding! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the art or have been doing it for years - there is always more to discover. Our desire is to show you new tricks and techniques that you can use to make your performances that much better.

The first secret of doing magic (and of most things) is that practice is key to success. The next secret is to be entertaining. A lot of what goes on with card tricks has to do with the illusion and misdirection.

It’s very hard to create illusion if you have a boring presentation. Hide yourself behind the magic and let yourself go. Being lively and fun is a great way to distract your audience while still looking credible. Verbal patter and physical "stunts" will make your card tricks even better.

Another thing you’ll learn is that shuffling techniques can take your routine to the next level. It’s one thing to do a card trick, it’s quite another to integrate creative shuffling in the mix. Good shuffling techniques adds a layer of complexity to your show while being very easy to add.

And you’ll find that it’s quite easy to pull the wool over your participant’s eyes when you use shuffling tricks.

There are many many different card tricks you can learn. You’ll find free card tricks for you to try out on several of this website's pages. These free tricks will definitely help get you started, or will add to your current collection of successful ideas.

Of course, you will eventually want to move beyond the small (comparatively) collection of magic tricks on this website. We list many great resources that can really give you all of the card trick, magic tricks and bending of reality information that you could ever need or ask for...

By the way, eBay is one such place where you can search for new and used card tricks and other magic gear. Many people start doing tricks as a hobby and then find that they’re too busy, so end up selling their magic stuff. Their loss is your gain. That is why we have placed eBay auction items on this site for you to study and bid on...

Knowledge is power and action is reality. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where you end up compiling your information about how to do card tricks. The important part is that you take action on what you have learned. From shuffling to different tricks to various resources, we hope that we can be of services.

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News About Magic Card Tricks

Hollywood Fringe Offers Magic and Comedy Shows
Armstrong, a world-renowned magician and a regular performer at The Magic Castle, will headline his own Jon Armstrong: Comic Amazement show full of card tricks and humor for all ages. Armstrong can also be seen in the documentary Magicians: Life in ...

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'I have never seen anything like it before': UMN student tests his magic tricks on campus
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For Valentine's Day, Shah made a YouTube video where he asked girls around campus to be his Valentine's Day date using magic card tricks. “It hasn't worked yet, but maybe someday,” Shah said. So far, his tricks have gotten him admitted to one ...

My card trick is better than yours
New Zealand Herald
Card tricks, white rabbits and disappearing things - all part of The Next Great Magician on TV1 this Saturday. My first taste of magic was a sort of board game we had in the early 60s which featured a sort of wizard character who stood in the middle of ...

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How Illusionist Derren Brown Came Out After Rejecting Gay 'Cure ...
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Magic Lounge will bring the magic bar back to Chicago
Chicago Tribune
"Before Schulien, nobody had ever done card tricks before in an intimate setting," said Cranford, although he acknowledged that Harry Houdini had done some card tricks on a midway at the World's Fair. Cranford (and his partner, Donald Clark Jr.) will ...

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11 Easiest Card Tricks to Learn in the World
Insider Monkey (blog)
According to specialists, mastering magic tricks consist of three stages: discovery, practice, and mastery. For practicing card tricks, you'll need to train your fingers and hand movements in order to do them properly and make it look like real magic ...

Magician strives to create enchanted evenings in Annapolis
He then wandered over to City Dock where he did a few card tricks with some skeptical teens who suddenly transformed into fans. A dedicated magician since his kindergarten years, 49-year-old Kaminskas has decided to weave a little magic into the ...

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'Illusionists' offer a wide sampler of magic tricks at the Orpheum
Sioux City Journal
Closing the first act of “The Illusionists on Broadway,” a show filled with all sorts of magic, Basso recreated Harry Houdini's famous water feat. Handcuffed, tipped upside down and dunked inside a glass tank, he used a paper clip to open the ...

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AU freshman (literally) holds all the cards
Anderson Independent Mail
Anderson University student Sam Gordon is a cardist — someone who can pull off card tricks and complicated flourishes. Georgie Silvarole ... Cardistry — unlike card magic, Gordon said — messes with the observer's vision rather than their mind. "That ...

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'The Great & Powerful Tim: Magic To The Future' at Orlando Fringe Festival
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Hoffman, a former ensemble performer at SAK Comedy Lab who is now based in Los Angeles and making his fifth consecutive appearance at the Orlando Fringe, includes mind-reading and card tricks in his magic show. “You want to take part of this disaster ...

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